Champion DeArment



This company began as the Champion Bolt Clipper Company.  The first mention we have found is the expansion of their factory in Evansburg, PA in 1892.  This expansion included a 200 lb. Hackney Drop Hammer.  The July 1891 edition of Iron Age notes the manufacture of the following products:  Champion Bolt Clipper, Excelsior Bolt Clipper, Champion Nail Head Nipper, Hoof & Clinch Nipper, Clinch Nippers, Buffers, Sole Knives, Clinch Tongs, Vise Jaws for Coach Makers, Fore Punch, Creasing Fuller, etc.

In 1887, Isaac G. Pollard assigned 2/3 of his patent #357,940 for a Combined Barrel Stand or Swing and Counter Support to Chauncy G. Wilder, George B. De Arment, and Mill B. Brown, all of Evansburg.  Interestingly, his second 1887 patent was for a Farriers Tool, Patent #366,605 but unassigned.  Another interesting note would be his 1886 Patent #343,920, also for a Barrel Stand and assigned again to Chauncy G. Wilder.  He also had a second patent in that year for a Sad Iron - Patent #341,942 - unassigned.  Yet another patent is found for a Barrel Stand in 1885, Patent #318,392, again unassigned.

George B. De Arment's first patent was Patent #388,957 - Bolt Cutter

DATAMP Patents for George B. De Arment

According to an announcement in the September 29,1892 edition of Iron Age, the company was manufacturing hammers at this time.

Champion Tool Company - The earliest mention we find of this name is in March of 1897 in a local newspaper.

Trade Names, Brands & Trademarks:

  • Champion - Block Text (Blacksmiths' Tools - see link for list) (First Use 1887 by Champion and it's predecessor, George B. De Arment.)
  • Anvil (Farriers' Tools - see link for list) (First Use 1893 by Champion and it's predecessor, George B. De Arment.)
  • CHANNELLOCK (Pliers) (First Use 5/1/1932)
  • Champion De Arment with Anvil (Pliers, Hammers, Anvil Tools, Ferrier's Tools, Wrecking Bars & Chisels) (First Use 1/15/1925)