Bullard Automatic Wrench Co.


Bullard Automatic Wrench Company (Providence, RI)

Article from Power, 1/14/1908 on the Bullard Wrench.  All of the advertisements match the wrench described in a Frank D. Bullard Patent #742,389 - Pipe Wrench.  However, in the same year Mr. Bullard was awarded two different pipe-wrench design patents: Patent #729,728 and Patent #733,138.  Here is an article from the 12/29/1904 edition of Iron Age explaining the operation of the wrench.  On May 20, 1909 the factory was auctioned off.  For a very short time Roren Drop Forge & Wrench Company (Providence, RI) produced a "Bullard" wrench in 1910.  According to one source, Albert Roren was the former superintendent of Bullard, but we have found no evidence of this.

This design was initially offered in 3 sizes, but began offering 5 sizes in 1905/6.