Brock Wrench Mfg. Co.


Brock Wrench Manufacturing Co. (Garwood, NJ) Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

  • Brock's Flange (Pipe Wrenches)
  • Brock's New Standard (Pipe Wrenches)

----- First mentioned here for taxes due in 1895, noting the company is in Garwood, NJ with "offices" in New York.  Domestic Engineering of July, 1915 reports the company has been taken over by Greene, Tweed & Co. and will continue to market it's products.  William E. Brock has numerous patents throughout the 1890s.  Up to 1892, his location is Plainfield, NJ / New York.  Beginning in 1894, the majority of his patents are assigned to the Brock Veneered Lumber Co.

William H. Brock Patent #542,922 - Flange Wrench 7/16/1895

William H. Brock Patent #674,194 - Chain Wrench 5/14/1901

William H. Brock Patent #797,863 - Pipe Wrench 8/22/1905