Bog Mfg. Co.



Very little is known or available in periodicles about the Bog Company.  It is known that it had very close ties to the Western Auto Supply Company and is believed to have been own/run by Ben Pepperdine, the brother of George Pepperdine, founder of Western Auto.  An article in the 11/26/1927 edition of The Daily Republican (Cherryvale, KS) notes that Mr. Cal Lowe has accepted the position of Superintendent of Bog Manufacturing of Chicago.  Interestingly, the article notes that the Bog Manufacturing Co. is a "Division of the Western Auto Supply Co."

*Update 8/30/2016: We discovered a single article, from the April 6, 1919 edition of the Chicago Daily Tribune stating that Mr. George Pepperdine of the Western Auto Supply Co. had just purchased a 15 year lease on a 6 story buliding at the SE corner of Michigan Ave. and 16th St.  This activity may represent the beginnings of Bog.  There appears to be no other reason for Mr. Pepperdine to lease such a large facility since all of his stores were in the West during this period.  We find the first newspaper advertisement for Bog manufactured items in the 6/4/1924 edition of the Los Angeles Evening Express.  These advertisements (in a larger Western Auto Ad) are for Dandy Socket Sets and the "Mocking Bird Siren."  There is an earlier advertisement in March of 1923 that "appears" to contain a Bog socket set but it's not identified as such.

Bog Manufacturing (Chicago, IL) - Contract Production for:

  • Hinsdale
  • Plomb

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  • Big Boy (Wrenches)