Blue Point



The first Blue Points tools show up in the Blue Points 1925 catalog, but they were probably made as early as 1922-23. According to the Alloy Artifacts site, the Blue Point trademark application was Sept 1923. The Snap on Story says they decided to add a line of Open End wrenches and a series of Chisels and Punches. These tools were first made for Motor Tool by other firms and because of a distinctive blued finish were sold under the name Blue Point. Demand continued to increase and the result was the formation of the Blue Point Tool Company. The new company manufactured Boxockets and other specialty items in a plant located in Racine Wis. The web Blue Point History site (Snap on tools) says Founded in 1925.

This history is sort of a mess. Blue Point, Blue Points, either name is used in the early Snap on literature. The 1926 cat shows the Blue Points name on the cover, the top of the pages say Blue Points, but the descriptions say Blue Point. There is a 1925/26 Blue Points Chicago cat that is the same way.
The bags, all say Blue Point Chicago. But the name Blue Points , and tools, also shows up in a early catalog that reads Milwaukee Wrenches and Blue Points chisels and punches.. (see picture) The model numbers on the Milwaukee wrenches are an exact match as the Blue Points wrenches in the Snap on catalogs. Also some bags show up linking these to companies as the manufacture Milwaukee Tool & Forge (MTF) and the distributor Motor Tools Specialty (Snap on) (see pic)

According to The Snap on Story, (in about 1924) a contract was made with Bill Myers (Forged Steel Products) (Vacuum Grip) for Motor Tool Specialty to sell his tools, and he in turn arranged to manufacture Blue Point end wrenches, punches and chisels.

So, how this all fits in is a puzzle. The first wrench that has the Blue Point name is the Boxocket that shows up in the 1927 catalog, but there may have been Blue Point screw drivers made before that. In the very late 20's to the early 30's the Blue Points name on tools are changed to Blue Point. This happens again in the late 40's thru the early 60's where the Blue Point name on wrenches is changed to Snap on.