Bergman Tool Mfg.


There is not much early information at all on this company.  We do know it was located at 1569 Niagara Street, Buffalo NY 14213 in 1908 and prior, before the move to Niagara St..  The picture of the Bergman factory below is from the website Preservation Ready.

We found this article from Domestic Engineering and the Journal of Mechanical Contracting, Volume 47 and dated May, 1909 noting that Bergman has moved from 102 Seneca St. to it's new factory at 1573-75 Niagara St.

Their first patent Jerome E. Bergman Patent #1,378,209) was applied for on May 8, 1919 and granted May 17, 1921.  This is the patent for Bergman's "Queen City" adjustable wrench.

Here is the link to all Bergman patents on DATAMP.

Bergman also produced Tinners Snips and Hand Shears under the brand "Blue Bird."  The trademark document, issued in 1927 for Blue Bird can be found here.  The applications lists the following officers: Caroline E. Bergman, James E. Bergman, and Ray E. Kempner.

We were able to find an article from The Evening Tribune (Hornell, NY) on 4/10/1923 stating that neighbors on Niagara street were complaining about the trip hammer at Bergman.  The complaint was that "It is a nuisance and stops their clocks."

In 1918, Bergman is listed as a manufacturer of boring tools, tool handles (file) and pipe wrenches (Queen City Improved).

In 1935, Bergman is listed as a Wrench and Plier manufacturer.

The EPA reports that the last inspection for environmental compliance was conducted on September 14, 1997 giving us a clue as to their end.  The New York corporation database records the company being merged out on October 2, 2002, possibly by American Tool Companies, Inc. of Chicago.

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