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The Democrat And Chronicle of 4/11/1896 announces the formation of the Barcalo and Boll Manufacturing Company of Buffalo, "to manufacture brass and iron beadsteads.  Capital is noted at $30,000 and Directors are: Edward. J. Barcalo and J. W. Shannon of Buffalo, and C. S. Boll and G. S. Simons of Harrisburg, PA.

On 10 April, 1903, The Buffalo Commercial carries an announcement of a hearing to change the name of the Barcalo and Boll Manufacturing Company to The Barcalo Manufacturing Company.  The petition for the name change was granted on 5/22,1903 and went into effect on June 25th, 1903.

According to Moody's Industrial, Barcalo was founded in 1896 in NY to manufacture beds, bedding and small tools.  In 1929, the company employed 300 and the president was E. J. Barcalo.

In late 1911/early 1912, EJ Barcalo was Treasurer of a new automobile maker Lippard-Stewart Co. of Buffalo.  The article can be found in the February, 1912 edition of American Motorist.

In late 1913 / early 1914, Barcalo Manufacturing upped their investment in the automotive tool business through the purchase of the Charles E. Hall Co.  The notice can be found in the January 1914 edition of Hardware Dealers' Magazine.  An earlier advertisement for a Barcalo pipe wrench can be seen in the Railway Age Gazette from July of 1913.

The Preservation Ready website reports that in 1963, Mr. Barcalo passed away at the age of 93 and the hand tool division of Barcalo Manufacturing was sold to Crescent Niagara.  The sale is reported in this 1963 edition of Industry Week.

Barcalo Manufacturing Co. (Buffalo, NY) - Contract Production for:

  • Montgomery Ward-Eclipse
  • None Better (New Britain) (Wrenches)
  • Powr-Kraft
  • Wards-Lakeside
  • Western Auto Stores

Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

  • Barcaloy (1947-1964)
  • Barcalo-Buffalo (1914 - ??)
  • King Dick (Wrenches) (1920-1922)

Key Tool Stamping Terms (stamped/forged into tools):

  • Forged Chrome - Molybdenum
  • Chrome Molybdenum
  • Forged Vanadium
  • Chrome Vanadium Steel
  • Forged - Barcaloy - Steel
  • Forged - Alloy

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