Wright Wrench & Forging Co.


According to an article of 5/21/1908 in the Quad-City Times (Davenport, IA), the following is reported:

J. F. Wright, Vice President and GM of the Wright Wrench company, formerly known as the Ideal Wrench company, has written to the Commercial club from the Philadelphia factory of the company saying they are unable to keep up with orders for the wrench.  The capacity of one of the factories has been increased 100 per cent, during the past 60 days, and they are receiving orders from all parts of the country.

This is the text from the company formation announcement from the publication Industrial World, August, 1909 from the Internet Archives:

Wright Wrench Manufacturing Company. Canton; capital, $150,000; manufacturing tools, implements, wrenches, etc.,; James F. Wright, Harry C. Haight, Henry C. Milligan, Thomas F. Turner and M. C. Barbery. 

A Snippet from the Railway Review, published sometime in 1908, notes the organization of the company by J. F. Wright at ??3854?? (unreadable) Chestnut Street in Philadelphia, PA.  NOTE: if we read the address correctly, this is very close (same block) to the Bonney factory, which would relocate to Allentown at the end of 1908.


  • James F. Wright - Patent #910,890 - Wrench
  • James F. Wright - Patent #949,107 - Pipe Wrench
  • James F. Wright - Patent #981,234 - Wrench
  • James F. Wright - Patent #RE13328 - Wrench
  • Clinton W. Stover - Patent #999,272 - Pipe Wrench (DATAMP reports production by Stover Wrench Co. as well as Wright Wrench)
  • DATAMP reports Patent #754,633 - Wrench - by Lewis Ash / Hiram B. Stewart was also produced by Ideal Wrench (Tacoma, WA) and Wright Wrench (Canton, OH)

At some point in 1910, the company changed their name to the Wright Wrench & Forging Co.  We also found an article from 1910 mentioning that William B Haight was co-owner of the company with his brother.  Interestingly, this same article notes the sale of 35,000 wrenches to Russia.

The company seems to disappear circa 1915.

Here is a brief article with pictures regarding the Wright Auto Wrench.

The Wright Wrench & Forging Co. (Canton, OH)

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  • Stover (Pipe Wrenches)
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