Wright Wrench Co.


Worcester, MA - State reports indicate the organization was certified April 21, 1897.  It appears that prior to certification, the wrenches were simply produced under the Edward Wright name.


This article from The Master Steam Fitter and Heating Engineer of October, 1896 announces the Wright Wrench Co., 79 Dearborn St. Chicago, IL is now ready to supply it's pipe wrenches.  Interestingly, the cut from the article (first/top wrench cut) looks exactly like the specification for Edward Wright's (Worcester, MA) Patent #562,878 - Pipe Wrench.  Also of note is this cut from Hardware Dealer Magazine, July, 1895 is the same wrench depicted in cut 2 in the article mentioned previously in this paragraph.  This second wrench is based on Edward Wright Patent #543,665 - Pipe Wrench.  The second cut / patent resembles Edward Wright's earlier Patent #505,869 - Pipe Wrench.  Edward Wright was also awarded Patent #546,443 - Pipe Wrench in 1895.

Edward Wright Patent #646,565 - Pipe Wrench (DATAMP reports manufactured by Hammond Mfg. Co. of Boston, MA) (Image 1 Example below)

Edward Wright Canadian Patent #48,034 - Pipe Wrench

Image Description: 

Example of a Wright Patent #646,565 ​wrench from The Wrenching News 2017 York auction listing.