Western Forge


Western Forge was founded by Mr. C. William Schlosser in April of 1966 in Colorado Springs, CO with an address of 4607 Rusina Dr., Pikes Peak Industrial Park.  An article from a local newspaper in February of 1969 notes that Schlosser first announced his plans for the company in 1965 and had been the President of 4 publically traded tool companies.  A newspaper article from February, 1967 notes their primary products as torque wrenches, wheel and gear pullers, and flaring tools.  The article notes 45 employees at the end of 1966.  Additionally, the article reports that the company has expanded it's factory and throughout 1967 will be extending it's product line with punches, chisels and screwdrivers.  Along with Mr. Schlosser, Mr. Ralph Martin left Lectrolite to start the company in the role of Manufacturing Manager.  2 years later Mr. Martin was named Vice President of Western Forge.  After immigrating from Oslo, Norway in 1927, Mr. Martin worked for the J. P. Danielson company for almost 20 years.  In 1946, Mr. Martin was hired as the Lectrolite Plant Assistant Superintendent and was eventually promoted to Superintendent.

On 20 July, 1969 a local newspaper reports that Western Forge has been awarded the Sears "Symbol of Excellence" award given to outstanding suppliers of Sears merchandise.  Unfortunately, the article does not note the individual products supplied.

The February 14, 1971 edition of the Colorado Springs Gazzette-Telegraph reports that 1970 was a year of extensive expansion for Western Forge.  The article notes the following expansion programs:

  • In June of 1970, the company began shipping it's first adjustable wrenches;
  • In July of 1970, their first shipments of socket wrenches and socket wrench sets began leaving the factory;
  • During 1971, the factory will begin shipment of slip joint and solid joint pliers.