Truth Tool Co.


Here is a link to the current instantiation of the Truth company, and a well written and comprehensive history of Truth.

Here is another excellent article on Truth, with much greater detail on the history of the company.

Tool Archives Research:

After a truthfully exhaustive search of all available records, we have yet to discover any announcements documenting the establishment of the Truth Tool Co.  However, several tidbits of information give us clues.

If we read the inside covers of the Truth Catalogs, we note that in the 1928 edition, they reference Mr. Cowden working in a small blacksmith shop in South Dakota 30 years prior or, 1898.  He improved his name and reputation by making fine chisels and punches for neighbors and customers, and expanded his skills with other toolmaking as the popularity of the automobile took over.  This really becomes the start of the "idea" of a formal tool company.

The TRUTH trademark was filed in March of 1922, and claims first use in 1915.  This begins to better establish a timeline for the company.

Most sources say Truth was acquired by Owatonna Tool Co. in 1950 but proof of this acquisition has not yet been discovered either.  After the acquisition of Truth Tool, the Truth company was renamed as Truth Hardware Co. and focused on the development and production of windows.

Walter J. Felton - Patent #2,524,698 - Pulling Tool

Raymond Cowden - Patent #2,491,089 - Socket Wrench

Truth Tool Co. (Mankato, MN)

Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

Contract Production For:

  • Montgomery Wards - Wards Master (Sockets)