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(Newark, NJ) - Leased the Birkenhauer & Bauman "Old Fashioned" brewery building at S. Orange Ave. and Morris Ave. in Newark in January of 1919.  The article states they come from Aronson Square.  Louis V. Aronson - Pres (1935).  Mr. Aronson's obituary (11/3/1940) states he passed at 71 years old and founded the company when he was 16.  Based on this information, the company was founded in 1885. However, many other sources note the founding of the company in the mid 1890's.  They made 50M buttons and other docorations for WWI uniforms.  Inventor of the Ronson lighter, time fuse for air dropped bombs, and many other innovations.  Alexander Harris took over as president after Aronson's passing.  Here's an excellent article on the history of the company.  This article from October, 1949 calls the company "Ronson Art Metal Works."  It also states that they sell some lighters for $5,000, in 1949.  Still in business as Ronson, making lighters.

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