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Most, if not all discovered sources (including Sears history archive) claim that Sears registered the Craftsman trademark on May 20, 1927.  However, Sears registered multiple trademarks in 1927, but none on May 20.  There were also no labels registered, nor any trademarks applied for that match that date.  In addition, Craftsman lore states that Mr. Arthur Barrows facilitated the "purchase" of the Craftsman Trademark for $500 from the Marion - Craftsman company in October, 1927.  The problem with that story is that the Marion-Craftsman company didn't exist until December of 1927.

The "stylized text in a wave" trademark below is the earliest Craftsman trademark found to date.

Trade Names, Brands & Trademarks

  • Craftsman - stylized text in a wave (Carpenters' Tools) (First Use 10/28/1927)
  • TM #302,001 for Levels, Mitre Boxes & Squares (Registered 1/10/1933) Not Found in Patent Office DB.
  • TM #303,514 for Sharpening Stones and Grinding Wheels (Registered 3/21/1933) Not Found in Patent Office DB.
  • TM #304,812 for Portable Electric Drills and Saws and Motors (Registered 4/25/1933) Not Found in Patent Office DB.
  • CRAFTSMAN - Block Text (Mechanics Tools) (First Use 10/28/1927) NOTE: (This TM refers to the first Craftsman TM above but does not refer to any other TM)
  • TM #308,424 for Precision Tools (Registered 9/26/1933) Not Found in Patent Office DB.
  • CRAFTSMAN - Block Text (Power and non-Power Push Mowers & Lawn Trimmers) (First Use 1/1935)
  • CRAFTSMAN - Text in an Arch (Ball Bearings) (First Use 9/1940)
  • CRAFTSMAN - Underline (Most Tools - See Table Below) (First Use 10/28/1927)


First Use


Lawn Mowers, Non-Power Lawn Mowers, Lawn Trimmers




Pipe Wrenches, Pipe Cutters, and Punches


Ball Bearing Sets


Coping Saws, Paint Sprayers, and Hand Lawn Clippers


Pocket Knives


Scythes and Shears


Cleavers, Roofing Knives, Carving Sets, Putty Knives, Butcher Knives, Paring Knives, Bread Knives, and Wall Scrapers


  • COMPANION - Block Text (Automobile Tires) (First Use 2/2/1931)
  • COMPANION - Block Text (Machinery and Tooling of all types) (First Use 7/1/1933)
  • SAMSON - Block Text (Vises) (First Use 1/31/1909)
  • Master Craftsman - text, Master over Craftsman Underline (Wood Power Tools) (First Use 9/1/1934)
  • Multiple Embedded Ovals (Mechanics Tools) (First Use 1/23/1937)
  • DUNLAP - "The outer elipse is lined for gold and the inner elipse is lined for black" (Mechanics Tools) (First Use 1/23/1937)
  • Crafty - Underlined (Small Hand Power Tools) (First Use 8/1939)
  • CRAFTSMAN (All Tools - See below) (First Use - Will Create Table)
  • CRAFTSMAN - Block Text (Squares, Levels, etc. - See Link for More - See page 2 for breakout of First Use dates by product type) (First Use 10/28/1927)
  • CRAFTSMAN ​- text in an arch (Buffing & Polishing Equipt.) (First Use 5/9/1931)
  • DUNLAP - in football shaped text (Miter Boxes, Squares, Levels, etc.) (First Use: Miter Boxes, Levels, Rules, Squares, Feeler Gauges: 7/15/1937 // First Use: Measuring Tapes: 1/15/1940 // Calipers and Protractors: 1/15/1942 // First Use: Plumb Bobs: 1/15/1945)
  • DUNLAP - in football shaped text (Most all other tools not listed in Dunlap one bullet above) (First Use 1/23/1937) NOTE: See link for tool first use breakout.
  • DUNLAP- in football shaped text ​(Grinding Stones/Abrasives) (First Use 7/15/1937) NOTE: See link for tool first use breakout.
  • CRAFTSMAN​ - Block Text (Tool Boxes, oil cans, etc.) (First Use: Tool Boxes, Chests, Drill Cases & Stands: 1/1935 // First Use: Oil Cans: 1/15/1946 // First Use: Hose Reels: 1/15/1942) ​NOTE: This document lists many prior trademarks, most listed above.  Some however do not come up in TESS nor TSDR, Registration #s:
    • 302,001
    • 302,839
    • 303,514
    • 304,812
    • 308,424
  • ARC JOINT - Block Text (Pliers) (First Use 1/1/1954)
  • RASPLANE - Block Text (Abrading Hand Tools) (First Use 12/5/1957)
  • HEADLINER - Block Text (Hand Hammers) (First Use 12/14/1962)
  • PULL 'N PRY - Block Text (All Purpose Pry Bar) (First Use 12/30/1964)
  • COMPANION - Block Text (Mechanics Tools, Vises, etc. - Click Link for List of Tools) (First Use 3/13/1968)
  • COMPANION - Block Text (Levels, Squares, etc. - Click Link for List of Tools) (First Use 7/16/1968)
  • Logo - Circle with Anvil and SS inside (Stainless Steel Wrench) (First Use 11/28/1969)