Roren Drop Forging Co. Inc.


Roren Drop Forging Co. Inc. (New York, NY) - See our article on Bullard Automatic Wrench Company.  Subsequent to Bullard going out of business, Roren produced the Bullard wrenches ca. 1910.  The October 7, 1909 edition of American Machinist announces the incorporation of the company by Albert H. Roren, William F. Martin, and George H. Raymond.  Please also note the company is listed along with the Bullard wrench as early as October of 1909 as well.  In 1910, Roren appears to trademark the Bullard stamp, however we cannot see the second page of the filing.  The fist page in TSDR is located here.  He claims 1st use by himself and/or his predecessors as July 21, 1908.

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