Racine Wrench Co.


Racine Wrench Company (Racine, WI) - According to Public Documents of the State of Wisconsin: Being the Reports of Various State Officers, Departments and Institutions, Volume 2, this company was established in 1892 and produces the Rider patent Lightening wrench.  A 3/5/1892 newspaper article from the Racine Daily Journal reports the company was established "a few months ago" and have just filled an order for wrenches from England.  The company was placed into receivership 4 November, 1893.  F. M. Knapp requested the appointment of a receiver, and the court appointed D. G. Janes.  The receivership notices indicates company officers were: C. J. Richards, E. W. Rider, G. H. Skewes, John Diehl and William Horlick.  A request for creditors claims was made in June of 1894 and no further mention of the company was found.

Ebenezer W. Rider Patent #477,228 - Wrench