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The Quality Tools Corporation was founded in very early 1924 in New Wilmington, PA as reported in Volume 10 of Steel Processing & Conversion.  They will manufacturer Chisels and hand tools.  The 1924 Volume 113 of Iron Age also reports the formation of the company and notes the company will produce pneumatic chisels, bending tools and rivet punches.  It also notes that the company will "handle" a full line of mechanics tools, indicating they will not be the manufacturer, but a broker for mechanics tools.  This notion is confirmed in the Shurtleff and Lawton Families: Genealogy and History (Thorsen Story) where QTC is identified and the East Coast Distributor for Thorsen Tools.  The Iron Age article also notes a D. C. McChiston will head the company. (we believe this to be a mispelling of Mr. McQuiston below)

Officers included in the Steel Processing & Conversion announcement are:

  • James A. McLaughry - President (Son of J A McLaughry, a PA Judge)
  • Ralph. R. Miller - V. P. (Former head of sales for Curtis Publishing)
  • D. H. McQuiston - Secretary & Treasurer (possibly a professor at Wesleyan)
  • William McLaughry - Director (James' brother)
  • William B. McCrory - Director (Pittsburgh Lawyer // Formerly Co-Founder of the American Salvage Co. in Pittsburgh [1912] // Formerly Co-Founder of the Exothermic Steel Co. in Pittsburgh [1912] // Assignee [10%] for a Conveying Apparatus patent [1924])

On October 14 of 1924, The Quality Tools Corporation was granted a trademark to the term "Old Forge" in reference to various hand tools.  The first use is reported as January 4, 1924.

In a want ad in the June 1928 edition of Popular Mechanics, just 4 years after founding, Quality Tool Corp. states that the prospect will sell a "guaranteed line of 120 Old Forge tools including wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, chisels, punches and tool boxes."

The 2/25/1936 edition of the New Castle News reports that the dies for Old Forge tools are manufactured by The Lockley Company.

The 1/7/1966 edition of the New Castle News reports that the Quality Tools Corp. has been acquired by Dowley Manufacturing Co. of Spring Harbor, MI.  Mr. William J. Dowley will be President and Mr. McLaughry will be VP.  Dowley was formed in 1957 and also manufactures tools.  Note that the QTC employee count is reported as 20 in this article.

1969 Patent for a Wheel / Gear Puller assigned to Dowley Manafacturing and invented by Mr. Robert Kelso.

Here is another patent assigned to Dowley and invented by Mr. Kelso for an Oil Filter Remover filed in 1970.

Lloyd R. Eason for a Harmonic Balancer Installer in 1982Flaring Tool in 1983.

Todd Combs et al. filed for a patent for a Front Wheel Drive Hub Puller in 1990.  This puller was referred to as the "Hub Shark" with the trademark here.  However, after a lawsuit, the trademark was abandoned.

Brands, Trade Names & Trademarks

  • Old Forge - Block Text (Pliers, Wrenches, Chisels, Punches, Hammers) (First Use 1/4/1924)