Penens Corp.


Plomb "Creates" Fleet - Throughout the war years, we find many references to Plomb "contracting" between 27 and 31 factories to produce wartime tools (see above note).  They all reference a "Plomb Tool Contracting Company."  According to recently discoverd information, it appears Fleet nor Penens were in fact acquistions.  Rather, it is evident by this court ruling that Plomb incorporated Fleet as the "Plomb Tool Contracting Company" in 1942, renamed it to Penens Corporation on September 8, 1943, and to Penens Tool Corporation on February 26, 1956.  On November 26, 1963, the name was again changed to Fleet Tool Corporation.

We are finding that while Fleet/Penens were "concocted" during the war as a convenient way of managing sub-contracts, the Penens / Fleet entities were likely the source and manager of contract tool production after the war as well.

Brands, Trade Names and Trademarks

  • Fleet Quality Tools Logo (All tools) (First use 8/29/1947)  NOTE: This registration lists Albert Said as President.  NOTE: ​See page 2 of the link.  This TM was amended on 10/6/1964 by Fleet Tool Corporation (logo modified as well)
  • Fleet (Registered by Fleet Tool Corporation) (Mechanics' Hand Tools) (First Use 8/1/1947)