Page-Storms Drop Forge Co.


Page-Storms Drop Forge Co. - The November 29, 1900 issue of Iron Age indicates Page-Storms purchased the Overman Wheel Company's former plant in Chicopee.

In 1895, John F. Fitzgerald is awarded a patent (531,628) for an adjustable wrench and assigns 1/2 ownership to Frank Storms.

In 1902, Page-Storms is identified as manufacturer, under the catagories of: Drop Forgings and Bicycle Forgings.

The September 3, 1903 edition of The Iron Age reports the Page-Storms Drop Forging Co. is adding a new line of wrenches to their product line.  New lines (at Page-Storms) are Construction, Angle and "Wolf Jaw" wrenches.  The article also notes that Page-Storms is the successor to Springfield Drop Forge, indicating they purchased the company.  The article notes that Springfield will also expand their wrench line with: Single and Double End Engineers' and Set Screw Wrenches, Tool Post Wrenches, Chuck Wrenches, S Wrenches and Milling Machine Wrenches.

This article from June 25, 1903 announces the acquisition of Springfield Forge by Page-Storms.

Page-Storms incorporation was chartered on July 8, 1903.

1904 Page-Storms "New Catalog" announcement including new lines of wrenches.

The December 20, 1906 edition of The Iron Trade Review announced a new building being erected in Chicopee, which appears to consolidate operation of Page-Storm and Springfield Forges.

December 14, 1914, Mr. Page passes.

The 1922 Moody's Manual reports that Westinghouse purchased the Page-Storms plant of Chicopee in 1915.  There appears to be significant interaction between Page-Storms and Westinghouse, and the next two references provide evidence of the acquisition of Page-Storms by Westinghouse.  Note that this reference indicates the purchase of the building only by Westinghouse.  This article, reporting on the establishment of the Storms Drop Forging Co., mentions that Page-Storms was in fact sold to New England Westinghouse Co..  And finally, this article from Moody's confirms that in August of 1915, Westinghouse did indeed purchase Page-Storms.

Page-Storms was purchased by Moore Drop Forge in 1919, according to Moody's.  Note also that it appears a significant portion of the stock purchased in order to acquire Page-Storms was acquired from Westinghouse.  (Scroll down when reading the link)