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With the exception of some of the pictures / descriptions of tools/pieces made by P&C, this entire section is compliments of Mr. Johnson at http://www.pnctools.com The firm of Peterson and Carlborg emerged in McCall, Idaho around 1915, and eventually found a permanent location in 1923 with the start of construction on the factory in Milwaukie, Oregon, just south of Portland. The factory was the realized dream of John N. Peterson and Charles F. Carlborg. It’s a story reflecting the dreams and struggles of two immigrants from Sweden. The American dream so many aspired to when they undertook the frightening journey to a new culture, language and geography with but a few dollars in their pockets. A generation of sturdy men, independent for the want of financial resources. If a house needed built, they built it. If something needed repair, they fixed it. If they needed a specialty tool, they made it. Men who created a splendid blend of form and function in their tools. Unique, rounded, balanced. Many have echoed the same words about the early P&C tools, “They just feel good in the hand.” John and Charlie were at their cores, blue-collar men. Blue-collar men making tools for other blue-collar men are ideal tool makers. Deep down in their bones, John and Charlie were “makers” and “fixers”, roles they returned to after their years of establishing P&C were over.

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In several edition of The Crowbar from 1915, Peterson and Carlborg put their shop up for sale in Idaho for $6,000.

The Automobile Trade Journal of July 1919 reports that Peterson & Carlborg have been succeeded by (acquired) Newell & Watts in Payette, Idaho.

The 27 February 1920 Morning Register (Eugene, Oregon) reports that the firm of Peterson and Carlborg have inquired with the Chamber of Commerce about setting up a forging and machine shop in the city.

The 21 July, 1922 edition of the Albany Evening Herald (Albany, Oregon) notes that the firm of Peterson and Carlborg are moving into their new plant on Vine St.  The article also notes that they started in business a "little more than 1 year ago" and now have 8 employs, will employ 20 in their new factory, and expect to be over 100 employees in short order.

The 11 September, 1922 edition of the Albany Evening Herald (Albany, Oregon) contains an excellent article about the growth of P&C Tools.  The article notes P&C manufacturing of "over 240 styles of wrenches, and many kinds of screwdrivers, chisels, punches and wrecking bars."

Copyright for Catalog #6, June 1, 1927

This 1928 edition of Engineers lists the P&C Company Officers:

  • John N. Peterson - President
  • Chas F. Carlborg - Vice President
  • J. B. Peterson - Secretary
  • Earl R. Lovell - Manager

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