Mound Tool & Scraper Co.


Mound Tool & Scraper Co. (St. Louis, MO) - This company begins appearing ca. 1903 as the Mound Tool & Scraper Co.  At some point between late 1908 and early 1912 the name was changed to Mound Tool Co.  In 1932, Charles V. Franklyn is President of the company.  The 1/25/1942 edition of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports on a contract with the U. S. Navy to provide a "flexible-pack tool" in the amount of $38,322.  In 1951 they were awarded a contract to provide "ship scrapers."  In 1965, Natalie Wilkinson was VP of the company and was murdered in that year in the company parking lot during a robbery of herself and the 82 year old Mr. Franklyn.  Mr. Franklyn passed in 1967, and his obituary notes his acquisition of the tool company in 1930.  In 1976, Jewel B. Hendrix is President of the company.  This company is still in business and specializes in butcher tools.  Their website claims founding in 1899.

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  • Mound (Chisels)