Moore Drop Forge


Moore Drop Forge - The Railroad Gazette, October 19, 1900 announces the formation of the Moore Drop Forge in Springfield, Mass.  "Preliminary" Officers and investors identified are:

  • H. E. Marsh - President
  • A. L. Moore - Treasurer
  • F. S. Sibley - Secretary
  • T. W. Leete - (Prominent investor / corporate officer)
  • C. T. Sean
  • G. M. Hendee - (known for cycling, cycle racing and cycle safety inventions)

Brands, Trade Names, & Trademarks

  • MORCO (Wrenches) (First Use 12/10/1912)


Billings & Spencer sold it's drop forging operation to Moore Drop Forge effective January 2, 1963.

In the 4/18/1928 edition of the Altoona Tribune, an announcement appears noting the acquisition of controlling interest in the Continental Railway Supply Company by Moore Drop Forge.

In the book entitled "Springfield, Volume 2," the following key dates are reported:

  • 1900 - The MDF company began making Bicycle frames;
  • 1909 - MDF began producing wrenches;
  • 1914 - MDF got into automotive forging and machining;
  • 1938 - MDF began making tools for Sears;
  • 1946 - Purchased the Wason Car Works plant;
  • 12/1967 - The Eastern Stainless Steel Co. purchased 95% of MDF stock;
  • 1969 - Eastern Stainless Steel Co. restructures as the EASCO Corp.;
  • 1985 - EASCO taken over by Equity Group Holdings;
  • 1987 - Company goes public
  • 6/1990 - Merged with Danaher Co.
  • According to the caption, the image below represents the plant that was "designed, built and equipped for the exclusive production of Craftsman open-end, box-end, combination and tappet wrenches, and the complete socket wrench line."
  • Image 2 shows operations inside the plant

In July of 1960, MDF broke ground for their new plant in Hillsboro, OH.

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