Akron Tool Co.


Akron Tool Company (Akron, OH) - Formed after acquiring The Sterling Wrench Company assets and patents - 9/18/1889

Directors and Officers elected 2/2/1890: Directors: Geo. W. Crouse, H. M. Hauser, F. Schumacher, F. M. Atterholt.  Officers: Hiram Kendall - Pres., F. M. Atterholt - VP, H. M. Hauser - Sec., Chas. A. Bower - Treas., and W. E. Taft - GM.

2/17/1890 - Taft resigns as GM, Bower takes over GM position.

12/1890 - Manufacturing Wheel and Charging Barrows for Grant McNeil.  8/1892 Mr. McNeil passed away, Akron Tool Co. purchased the rights to the charging barrow and the wheel barrow rights went to the J. C. McNeil Co.

- Also manufacturer of the Krause Cultivator (10/9/1889 article).

- 6/24/1927 - Reincorporated as the Akron Twist Drill Company.