Mahew Steel Products


According to many sources, H. H. Mayhew succeeded the H. S. Shepardson Company in 1866.  We have found no official records to support this.  H. S. Shepardson was a prolific inventor of braces, brace bits and particularly, locks and lock mechanisms.

Established in 1856 and incorporated in 1887 by H. H. Mayhew as The H. H. Mayhew Company, the company produced small forgings and hand tools.  At one point (1905 and prior), The Goodell Tool Company shared space in the Mayhew Factory.  Mayhew is still in existence today and their website history page can be found here.

In 1915, the company was acquired by the Mayhew Steel Products Company of New York City.  H. H. Mayhew continued to operate as a subsidiary producing small hand tools.

The April, 1920 edition of Motor Boating reports that Mayhew has acquired a new plant in Hopewell, VA from DuPont and plans erect a new building to produce hand tools and tool kits.  This July, 1921 article from Steel Processing & Conversion has a nice article about the plant and the established subsidiary "Mayhew-Virginia Corporation."

A 1927 edition of Iron Age reports that the Norwood Engineering Co. has acquired a controlling interest in Mayhew Steel Products and both concerns will be run by G. W. MacDow.  **Note**  We have found no supporting evidence of this to date.

A 1933 edition of Iron Age notes that Mayhew has been operating under receivership for several months and has been sold at auction to Mayhew VP J. B. Parsons who plans to reorganize the company.

In 1938, Mayhew acquired the David Maydole Tool Corp. of Norwich, NY. 

At some point prior to 1941 (Likely around 1937 when Mr. Conant passed), Mayhew acquired Conant & Donelson of Conway, MA.  The March, 1905 edition of Iron Age notes the incorporation of Conant & Donelson by Frederick W. Conant (Pres) and Walter E Donelson.  In 1949, Conant & Donelson is purshased by the Threadwell Tap & Die Co.

Mayhew Steel Products Inc. (Includes H. H. Mayhew Co.) (Shelbourne Falls, MA) -

Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

  • Black Forged (Hammers)
  • Bull Dog (Punches)
  • Cats Paw (Punches, Awls, Picks, etc.)
  • D.M.T (Hammers)
  • Dominator (Pry Bars, Scrapers, Awls, Picks, etc.)
  • Monarch (Punches, Screwdrivers)
  • Maydole (Hammers)
  • Maydox (Hammers)
  • Mayhew (Punches) (First use "At Least" 1895)
  • Norwich (Hammers)
  • Octole (sp) (Hammers)
  • Old Forge Tools (First use 3/1/1989)
  • Peerless (Punches, Screwdrivers)
  • Perpetuo (Screwdrivers)
  • Pilot Punch (Spring Roll Punch)
  • Sureforce (Clamps)