Lakeside Forge


According to an article in the January, 1911 edition of Mill Supplies, Lakeside Forge was "recently incorporated to take over the business and plant of the Lakeside Forge & Wrench Company."  A newspaper announcement states the company was chartered in Erie on 6/20/1911.  The Lakeside Forge & Wrench Company was incorporated on October 8, 1909 with Eugene Childs as President & General Manager. The 10/12/1909 edition of the Harrisburg Telegraph also notes that James McBriar is the Treasurer.

The charter for the Lakeside Forge Co. was announced on June 20, 1911 with an initial capital of $5,000.

In the July, 1920 edition of The Bulletin of the National Gas Engine Association, Lakeside Forge Officers are noted as:

  • F. B. McBrier - President (Also Director at Erie Trust Co., appears to own a great lakes steamer - the Nyanza, and possibly former Secretary of the Ball Engine Co. of Chicago, probable graduate of Cornell University)
  • A. Jarecki - Vice President (Officer of Jerecki Manufacturing Co., Incorporated in 1897 in Erie / Pittsburgh)
  • F. A. Brevillier - Secretary (At least 1913 - 1920 - VP/Secretary of United Gas & Fuel Co. of Hamlton (ltd.), 1919 - Secretary of American Gas Co.)
  • C. L. McLoskey - GM

The Maintenance of Way Cyclopedia of 1921 has a nice full page writeup on Lakeside Forge wrenches.

In January of 1924, the New Castle Herald reports the company employees 300 men.

The June 14, 1925 edition of Iron Age announced that the Lakeview Forge Company has been organized to take over operations of Lakeside Forge.  The second half of the snippet notes that they will operate out of the same building and discontinue wrench production in order to focus on commercial drop forgings.

The Kane Republican, on 11/18/1926 reports that the land and building of the Lakeside Forge Company has been purchased by the Uniflow Pump & Manufacturing Co. of Dayton, OH.