Keystone Drop Forge


In 1913, Isaac Cornwell (Eugene Cornwell's father) and T. O. Van Alen bought out the majority stock holder (another Van Alen) and took over operations of the Keystone Forging Co. of Northumberland, PA.  This image pictures Mssrs. Cornwell and Van Alen from the August 1919 edition of The Spokesman.

At the time of the takover, the officers were:

  • Isaac Cornwell - President & General Manager
  • W. B. Waples - Vice President
  • T. O. Van Alen - Secretary / Treasurer
  • J. D. Weekes - Sales Manager

Isaac Cornwell took over leadership at Keystone in 1909, after having worked at the plant since 1894 and is credited with most of the growth and expansion of the company during that period.  -  Motor Body, November, 1909

After 1919, Isaac Cornwell basically disappears and does not show up in any searches from 1920 on.  In 1923, Automotive Industries reports the merger of the Keystone Forging Co. with M. J. Ford Manufacturing Co.  The name of the company is reported to continue to be The Keystone Forging Co.  The Keystone Forging Co. survives today and here is a link to their history page.