Kent-Moore (Kalamazoo, MI) ​- This company began in at least 1921 by John E. Moore and William A. Kent and was housed in the General Motors Building.  They were a major distributor of all manner of specialty tools and automotive equipment.

The 4/14/1922 edition of the Detroit Free Press reports that the Hinckley-Myers company, who manufacture garage and service equipment in Jackson, MI have opened an eastern sales office and named William A. Kent as eastern sales manager and John E. Moore as general sales manager.

Kent-Moore was acquired in 1982 by SPX Corporation.

Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

  • Kent-Moore (All Kinds of Specialty Tools) (First Used 10/1922)
  • Kent-Moore (All kinds of Specialty Tools) (First Use 10/1922)
  • Kent Moore (All kinds of Specialty Tools) (First Use 5/1923)
  • Flat-Rate (All Kinds of Specialty Tools) (First Use 4/1/1924)
  • Bumpo (Air Hammers) (First Use Early June, 1936)