Interstate Drop Forge Co.

  • Interstate Drop Forge (IDF) (Milwaukee) - This announcement comes from the March, 1920 edition of The Automotive Manufacturer and relates the details of the formation of Interstate Drop Forge at 2000 27th St., Milwaukee.  The officers are identified as:
  • William C. Frye - President / Director (President of The Chain Belt Co. and Secretary of Sivyer Steel Casting Co.)
  • Major S. M. McFedries - VP & GM / Director (Former Sales Manager of the Cutler-Hammer Ordinance Department)
  • C. R. Messinger - Treasurer / Director (VP & GM of the Chain Belt Co. and Sivyer Steel Casting Co. // Later Chairman of Oliver Farm Equipment Co.)
  • Edgar L. Wood - Director
  • B. Fleeger - Director
  • J. L. Olmstead - Director (Electric Steel of Chicago)

The 1921 Wisconsin State Gazetteer lists the IDF address as 27th & Lake, and the following management staff for IDF:

  • C. R. Messinger - President
  • S. M. McFedries - VP
  • B. F. Fleeger = Secretary
  • C. E. Stone - Treasurer

The October, 1922 edition of Steel Processing & Conversion reports that Mr. Robert C. Yates has resigned from Union Drop Forge to become GM of Interstate Drop Forge.  The blurb also notes the close alliance of IDF with the Chain Belt Co., Sivyer Steel and the Federal Malleable Company, all of Milwaukee.  If the Chain Belt Co. looks familiar, the company is where Mr. Leo Bethke, an original founder of American Grinder Manufacturing Co., ended up working circa 1920.  His formal role at the Chain Belt Co. is unknown.  Here is a detailed history of the Chain Belt Co. from 1916.

An interesting article in the 1 June 1930 edition of The Capital Times (Madison, WI) Notes C. R. Messinger as holding the following positions at that time:

  • President - Chain Belt Company
  • Chairman of the Board - Sivyer Steel Casting Co.
  • Director - First Wisconsin National Bank
  • Director - Badger Meter Manufacturing Co.
  • Director - Milwaukee Gas Light Co.
  • Director - Interstate Drop Forge Co.
  • Director - Federal Malleable Co.
  • Director - The Stearns Conveyor Co. (Cleveland)
  • Director - Monarch Fire Insurance Co. (Cleveland)

In a 1928 article in The Earth Mover, the following management positions are enumerated:

  • Charles. E. Stone - President (The article states he was elected VP in 1924 and currently succeeding C. R. Messinger)
  • Lamar S. Peregoy - VP
  • C. C. Bremer - Treasurer
  • J. C. Merker - Secretary

A 1929 article in The Lumberman announces the IDF Board of Directors.  New to the board is Mr. W. H. Brand (VP of the First Wisconsin Co.).  Mentioned as "re-elected members" are:

  • Edgar L. Wood
  • William C. Frye
  • C. R. Messinger
  • W. J. Nugent
  • Clifford F. Messinger
  • L. S. Peregoy
  • C. E. Stone

By 1930, the IDF address was 4051 N. 27th St. Milwaukee.

The May 6, 1961 edition of The Michigan Alumnus identifies Mr. Charles W. Stone as President of IDF.

At some point before 1980, IDF established the Interstate Southwest Drop Forge Co. in Navasota, TX.  It is currently unknown whether this was expansion through acquisition or internal.

A 1991 issue of Merger and Acquisition Sourcebook reports a planned acquisition of IDF by Christiana Cos. has been terminated.

Right around the year 2000, IDF changes it's name to Interstate Forging Industries, Inc. 

In a 2002 edition of Business World, Interstate Forging Industries announced the closing of it's Milwaukee forging facilities.

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