Harrold Tool Co.


According to the article in The Salem News - 9/14/1916, The Harrold Tool & Forge Company was founded sometime in 1914 by H. J. Harrold and Howard R. Orr.  By September of 1916, they had outgrown the capacity of their facility, reincorporated as The Harrold Tool Company, and were building a new factory.  Along with the two founders, incorporators of the new company included: Samuel Harrold (A founder of the Crescent Machine Company), Thomas E. Hyland, and Lester Redfoot.  We believe Samuel Harrold passed away in 1924.  Elmer Harrold was also involved with the Crescent Machine Co., as well as the Buckeye Tool Co. of Leetonia, OH.

In September of 1920, Iron Trade Review reports The Harrold Tool & Forge has doubled it's capital stock in order to expand it's facilities.

In late 1947 or early 1948, the company was sold to Emil Dubeck of Warren, OH.  It continued operations as Harrold Tool Co. in Columbiana.

In October of 1977, Harrolds was sold to The Budd Co.  The report notes that it will be run by another subsidiary of Budd, Woodings-Verona Tool Workers, Inc. of Verona, PA.

Associated History:

The Enterprise Company: According to the Morning Journal - Columbiana Country Fact Book 2013 (you will have to click the little magnifying glass in the book window and search "Harrold"), this company was started in 1877 as the Valley Forge Machine Shop by A. Harrold & Brothers as a general repair shop.  The "brothers" were Adam, Aaron, and Sylvester.  The article goes on to note the shops expansion by J. Harrold & Sons, in order to build engines in 1870 (we believe this is a misprint and should be 1880).  Amos Harrold was also superintendent of the Enterprise Company, and Harmon Harrold also worked at Enterprise at a young age.  We note this because Harmon Harrold founded the Buckeye Tool & Machine Co. in the 1920s.  Lastly, Amos and Elmer Harrold were brothers.

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