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Canadian Machinery, Vol IX, page 695 - December 25, 1913

The Gray Mfg. and Machine Company.

    One of the more recent additions to the list of manufacturers of machinery in Toronto is the Gray Mrf. and Machine Co., who started operations at their new plant in January, 1913.  A site was purchased on St. Clarens Ave., and a machine shop 80 x 40 ft. built for manufacturing foundry equipment such as swing and stand grinders, polishing machines, power and steam pumps, etc.  The shop is well equipped for carrying on a general engineering business, and the company realizing that, in order to maintain high class production the best tools are necessary, have one of the most modernly equipped shops, for its size, in the city.  The machine tools are capable of the wide range of work necessary in this kind of business, and consist of a No. 4 "Cincinnati" milling machine, a universal tool grinder supplied by the same company - the Cincinnati Milling Machine Co.; a 4 ft. "American" radial drill and several engine lathes by the Hendey Machine Co.  There are also several grinders and a 54 in., 14 ft. low bed "Butler" lathe.
    The line shaft is driven by a 15 h.p Can Westinghouse motor using hydro power at 220 volts.  The ship is lit by "Mazda" lamps, and is heated by steam from a 15 h.p. vertical boiler.  Four runways operate across the shop, each being equipped with a 1 1/2 ton "Gray" chain block.  There are two jib cranes also fitted with the same chain blocks.  At the front of the building are the offices and stores, and at the rear in a seperate structure is a blacksmith shop.  In the yard is a storage for steel bars, plates, etc.
    The company at the present time employ about 20 men and we understand that they are well satisfied with the amount of business done this year.  There is sufficient room on the property to double the size of the present plant.  The officers are Alex. Gray, president; Robert Gray, vice-president., and James Gray, general manager.  Close supervision is given by each member of the firm to all work in progress which ensures high class output.

Some newspaper articles contributed on the old Tool Archives:

Buffalo Evening News
May 29, 1920

Buffalo Firm Buys Batavia Steel Plant

    Batavia, May 29 - The plant of the Batavia Steel Products Corporation, which has been idle since it was vacated as a munition factory has been purchased by the Gray Machine Tool Co, Inc. of Buffalo.  Alexander Gray, president and treasurer has been in Batavia for several days to complete the transaction.  The plant will employ 20 skilled mechanics at the start.


August 27, 1920
The Daily News, Batavia, NY

Gray Company Reincorporated
Capital of the new Batavia Industry increased to $225,000.
Expansion of Business
    Announcement of the reorganisation of the Gray Machine Tool Company, which purchased the plant of the former Batavia Steel Products Corporation on Evans Street, has been made by the officers of the company.  The company has been ????? under the ???? of the Gray Machine and Parts Corporation with a capital of $225,000, instead of $50,000 its original capitalization.

    Alexander Gray of Buffalo is president and treasurer of the corporation and James Gray is vice-president.  Ansley W Sawyer of Buffalo, a member of the law firm of Dudley, Stowe & Sawyer, is secretary.  A. M. D. Martin, formerly secretary of the company, is general manager of the corporation.
    Plans for the expansion of its business are bring made by the corporation, which recently transferred its plant to Batavia from Buffalo.  The enlarged plant and better facilities afforded in this city will enable the company to take care of a larger volume of business than formerly.  The company manufactures Gray thread millers, piston blasting machines and automobile parts.


Batavia Daily News

November 2, 1922
Evans Street Plant Has Large Orders
Busy Making Wrenches for Two Companies in Lansing, Mich
Experiments Are Also Going On
A. M. D Martin, secretary and general manager of the Gray Machine & Parts Corporation on Evans street, reported today that the company's plant was engaged in executing some very substantial orders for the manufacture of wrenches.
    One contract is with the Olds Motor Works of Lansing, Mich., makers of Oldsmobiles, to furnish complete sets for wrenches for the equipment of cars which are turned out at present at the rate of 105 cars a day.  Another contract is with Motor Wheel of Lansing, one of the largest makers of disc wheels in the world.  It calls for the furnishing of 50,000 wrenches.
    Experiments are being made for manfacture various other kinds of wrenches.  The wrench made at present is known as the Gray-Batavia wrench.  There are 18 men on the payroll of the company at present and it is anticipated that this number may be increased considerably as manufacturing operations are increased.
    In addition to Secretary Martin, others interested in the administration are Alexander Gray, president and treasurer, and James Gray, vice-president.