Fones Quick Pipe Wrench Co. Inc.


Fones Quick Pipe Wrench Company Inc. (New Rochelle, NY) - Incorporated 5/28/1926 (DE) by John F. and Margaret M. Fones, A. L. Carey, and Phillip L. Garrett.

On June 12, 1923, John H. Fones of Oakland, CA was awarded Patent #1,458,474 for a wrench.  On January 26, 1925, he was awarded his second Patent #1,522,432 for another wrench.  On December 8, 1925, he was awarded his third wrench Patent #1,564,411 for a third wrench design.  The company was likely founded in 1926 to produce wrenches against these patents.  However, we can find no evidence they were ever produced, nor any further reference to this company beyond it's incorporation notice.