Elmore Tool Mfg. Co.


Elmore Tool Manufacturing Co. (Hartford, CT) - This company appears to have started ca. 1908, founded to manufacture screwdrivers.  The company was acquired sometime 1914 by the Chapin-Stephens Company, which was later acquired by Stanley Rule & Level in the early 1920's.

We note a newspaper article from the Hartford Courant of 7/10/1909 incicating Mathias Mohr, formerly of the Elmore Tool Company, will begin manufacturing screwdrivers.  Mathias Mohr Patent #895,389 - Handle Fastener

Screwdriver advertisement from the Cycle and Automobile Traded Journal (ca. 1908).

Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

  • Star (Screwdrivers)
  • Hartford (Screwdrivers)