Dixon Wrench Co.


Dixon Wrench Company (New York, NY) - 9/10/1907 edition of Hardware - Incorporated 8/19/1907 by Jay J. Dixon, Curtis M. Shawkey, and Roy Dixon. 

The 8/24/1907 edition of Domestic Engineering notes the formation of the company and names officers E. A. Montfort and Fred Knowlton - (could be a different company?)  The 6/13/1910 edition of Industrial World notes the charter again in Warren, PA and names Paul T. DeFrees as Treasurer, and the following as Directors: B. W. Rogers, J. H. DeFrees, and Paul T. Defrees. 

This company was likely founded to produce wrenches against Jay J. Dixon's pipe wrench patent #837,809.  The company appears to have been re-chartered in Warren, PA in 1910.  Warren, PA is the home of Jay J. Dixon.