Diamond Wrench Co.


Diamond Wrench Company (Portland, ME) - This Maine state business report indicates the company was founded July 4, 1881 in Skowhegan but this incorporation states "for the Dominion of Canada."  The Maine "State Year Book" for 1882 lists L. L. Morrison as GM.  A July 1883 newspaper notes that the factory will be ready to produce the patent wrenches by 9/1/1883, and that they took over the Whitney Gaiter Co. factory in Portland.  By December of 1884, American Machinist reports production at 35 dozen/day.  The 1885 Portland, ME City Directory notes incorporation on 1/2/1884, and lists George C. Frye - Pres., Henry P. Merrill - Sec., and A. H. Atwood - Treas. and Superintendent.  Destroyed by fire 3/3/1886 // A. C. Libby - Treasurer 12/1886.  The factory began making wrenches again in August of 1887, noting production at about 300/day.  This edition of the Portland Board of Trade Journal reports the purchase and renaming of the company.  The new owners are A. C. Libby and H. N. Pinkham, who renamed the company the Diamond Wrench & Tool Company.  It further reports that besides wrenches, they will manufacture bit braces, hammers, screwdrivers, padlocks and cutting nippers.  The first mention of the production of a catalog was in 1889.  This article from Carpentry & Building notes a new method for attaching hammer and hatchet heads to handles.  The company seems to simply disappear around 1897.

Founded to produce wrenches in multiple sizes based on Patent #286,653 by Henry A. Thompson of Farmington, ME.