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J. P. Danielson

The J. P. Danielson Company was formed as a partnership between Albin Carlson and J. P. Danielson sometime in approximately 1903.  In 1907, Mssrs Carlson and Danielson split, their partnership was dissolved and business assumed by the Crescent Tool Company, Inc. and Mr. Karl Peterson.  Apparently, over the next year or two Mr. Danielson regrouped and reformed the J. P. Danielson company and started anew without Mr. Carlson.  In January of 1947, J. P. Danielson was acquired by the Plomb Tool Co. of Los Angeles.  This article from Western Machinery and Steel World announces the acquisition.

"Prove Your Work" Section - Evidence and detailed history:

This biography on Albin Joseph Carlson from the History of Chautauqua County New York and it's People, by John Phillips Downs, published 1921, notes that Mr. Carlson teamed up with J. P. Danielson to start the company.  It also mentioned that he had been working 8 years for the Peterson Crest Tool Co. in Jamestown.  We have found no evidence yet but the possibility remains that this company could be related to Karl Peterson, given their eventual apparent takeover of the J. P. Danielson Co. in 1907.  Mr. Carlson passed away in 1918.  The biography notes that his wife retained his interest in the company (Crescent Tool Co. - See Below).

The earliest reference we have been able to locate on J. P. Danielson & Co.  From The Iron Age, December 3, 1903.

The December 10, 1907 edition of Hardware reports that the J. P. Danielson company has been dissoved, having been taken over by Crescent Tool Company Inc.  This is confusing based on the below information, as well as this report from Domestic Engineering and the Journal of Mechanical Contracting, Volume 49 - October 2, 1909.  However, we find the notice regarding the formation of Crescent, and it's taking over of J. P. Danielson in multiple publications in 1907.  This example, from The American Exporter - October, 1907, names Mr. Karl Peterson as the President of the newly established Crescent Tool Co.  This announcement from Steel and Iron - July 8, 1907, identifies the following officers of the newly incorporated ($30,000 capital stock) Crescent Tool Co.:

  • Karl Peterson
  • Albin Karlson (Note: see above biographical reference, and note spelling of last name)
  • Charles F. Falldin
  • John E. Anderson
  • Charles S. Grover

This article from a 1909 edition of Motor Cyclopaidia notes Karl Peterson as President and C. F. Falldine as Secretary and Treasurer of Crescent Tool Co.  It also notes the establishment date as 1902 and capital investment of $20,000.

The August and September, 1913 issues of The Iron Age both report that the J. P. Danielson Co. is nearing completion on construction of their new factory.

The July 1st, 1917 The Plumbers Trade Journal announces the publication of Catalog #5, consisting of pliers and wrenches recently published by the J. P. Danielson Co.

The February 13, 1921 edition of The Plumber's Trade Journal shows a nice advertisement and mentions Catalog #6.

In the May 13, 1920 edition of Iron Age, the announcement of the incorporation of J. P. Danielson is announced.  Capital stock of $300,000.  Officers include:

  • J. P. Danielson
  • K. Tornebohn
  • A. Swanson

In 1923, Mr. A Swanson filed a patent for a turn signal.

The 1932 edition of Poor's Index still lists John P. Danielson as President.

On 7/30/1935, Carl Sundberg filed for a patent on a wrench holder.  The patent #2,083,130 was awarded on 6/8/1937 and assigned to J. P. Danielson Co.

In 1941, Hardware Age Volume 147 reports that J. P. Danielson has taken over as President after J. P. Danielson Sr.'s passing.

In November / December of 1946, J. P. Danielson Co. was acquired by the Plomb Tool Co.

J.P. Danielson Co. (Jamestown, NY)

Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

  • Auto-Kit (Wrenches)
  • Controlled Steel (Wrenches)
  • Bet'R-Grip (Wrenches) (First Use 1933)



Contract Production for

  • P&C
  • Plomb Tool
  • Proto
  • Sears - Craftsman
  • Sears - Dunlap
  • Sears - Fulton
  • Sears - Merit

 Key Tool Stamping Terms (stamped/forged into tools):

  • Controlled Steel