Vise Patents 1790 - 1850


#X004271 - vice used in cutting combs, Pratt, Philo on November 22, 1825 Mereden, CT

#X004347 - improvement called the perpetual lever vice, Wing, Calvin on March 2, 1826
 Gardiner, ME

#X005217 - socket vice, Hemenway, Luther on September 4, 1828 Sullivan, NH

#X006144 - Vice, stock and hand, Enoch D. McCord, October 1, 1830, Sandy Hill, NY

#X007953 - superior vice, Lang, James on January 10, 1834 Harrison County, PA

127 - Method of Constructing Bench or other Vises, Linus Dean, Utica, NY

889 - Mode of Constructing Metal Bench Vises, Thomas & James Keane, Haverstraw, NY

1,132 - Vise (Post), John Wetherell, Allegheny, PA

2,315 - Method of Making the Jaws of Vises, William Sim, Schenectady, NY

3,212 - Vise, Elbridge G. Matthews, Worcester, MA, Assigned to John J. Markham

3,384 - Bench-Vise, Jeremiah Peck, Waterbury, CT

3,670 - Bench or Standing Vise (Post), Lauren M. Peck, Philadelphia, PA

4,053 - Parallel Bench Vise, Anson P. Norton / W. H. Taylor, Watertown, NY (Manufactured by A. M. Badger of Rochester, NY and J. S. Eastman of Baltimore, MD

5,457 - Bench Vise, Horace Wood, Troy, NY

5,458 - Bench Vise, Josiah Cowles, Belchertown, MA

7,262 - Method of working the pall in parallel vises, Jasper Johnson, Genesee, NY

9,294 - Vise, William Butler, Little Falls, NY