Bay State


The first record we can locate regarding this company is the patent #666202 applied for in February of 1900. Researching this company has produced some interesting information. The earliest patent for Bay State Tools is #666202 for a ratchet wrench, Applied: Feb. 10, 1900 - Granted: Jan. 15, 1901 and submitted by Mr. Peter Lord. Except for a single example, all subsequent patents were submitted and granted to Frederick Walden, later of the Walden Manufacturing Company. Subsequent to Frederick Walden starting Walden Manufacturing, no further patent activity exists for Bay State.

It is interesting to note that most patents registered with products produced by Bay State Tools were submitted by F.E. Walden.

Patent #841,831 for a ratcheting wrench, applied for on Feb. 21, 1906 and granted January 22, 1907 is listed to have been produced by Bay State Tools as well as the Tudor Manufacturing Company.

By patent #890,111, granted on January 9, 1908, the producing company listing has changed to Walden Manufacturing Company.

The DATAMP Records where Frederick Walden is the Patentee can be found here:

Patent 761798 for "Wrench or the like"

Patent can be found here:

Patent #763225 filed on September 4, 1903 and granted June 21, 1904 for "Punch and the like"

Patent 763227 for another "Wrench or the like" is not known to have been produced

Patent #788,716 for "Worm Gearing" co-patentees are FE Walden and Robert Hammond. Filed July 29, 1904 and granted May 2, 1905.

Patent #823748, applied for Aug. 26, 1905 and granted Jun. 19, 1906 is for a C Clamp

Patent #835740 was applied for on Mar. 01, 1906 and granted on Nov. 13, 1906. This tool is not known to have been produced.

Patent #841831 for a ratcheting wrench and applied for Feb. 21, 1906 and granted on Jan. 22, 1907, is the last known patent with the producer identified as Bay State Tools. Tudor Manufacturing Company is also identified as a producer.