Athol Machine Co. / Athol Machine & Foundry Co.


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Story on L. S. Starrett by WK Fine Tools.

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According to Kenneth Cope's book, the Athol Machine Co. was founded to manufacture L. S. Starrett's food chopper (See Image 2) and other articles of Mr. Starrett's invention.  Starrett left the company in 1878.

Massachusetts business records (shown below) show the company was founded on June 4, 1868.  They also show that on December 16, 1920, the company changed it's name to the Athol Machine & Foundry Co.  While not quite legible, it appears the company was dissolved in 1965.

According to many sources, Starrett acquired Athol Machine Co. in 1905 but we find no evidence of the acquisition and find many advertisements by them up into the 1920's.

Some names and models of Athol vises (From Trade Magazine Categories):

  • Amatuer (Clamp)
  • Farmers (Bench, Clamp)
  • Oval Slide (Bench & Pipe)
  • Simpson (Machinist) - Likely based on John Simpson Patent #119,658
  • Standard (Machinist)
  • U-Beam (Hand)