Whiting Mfg. Co.


Whiting Manufacturing Co. (Northborough, MA)​ - Article from Iron Age, April 20, 1899 on the Improved Whiting Wrench. 

According to Whiting Manufacturing Company: A History of the Firm and its Japanese Inspired Silver (18601890) by Abigail Barnes Nova, this company started in 1840 as Tifft & Whiting by Albert Dean Whiting and his cousin, Albert Tifft in Attleboro, MA.  By their 7th year, they had 40 employees making jewelry.  By the 1850s they had 150 employees and specialized in Silver products.  In 1853, Whiting bought out Tifft for $90,000 and conducted business as W Whiting.  From 1855 - 58 they were known as Whiting & Gooding, from 1958 - 59 Whiting, Fessenden & Cowan, from 1864 - 66 Whiting, Cowen & Bowen.  In 1866 the latest firm liquidated and Whiting, Cowen, Bowen and 4 other investors formed Whiting Manufacturing Company late in the year.

Chester F. Johnson Patent #584,591 - Wrench - Assigned to Frederick Allen Whiting