Warren Tool & Forge


Warren Tool & Forge (Warren, OH)​ - This article from the Forging & Heat Treating, announces the consolidation of 2 other companies into Warren Tool & Forge.  On 1/3/1922, the sale to Warren Tool is finalized.  The article notes that the company was started in 1911 by James D. Robertson - Pres., M. J. Konold - VP, George F. Konold - Treas. & GM.  The topic of the article is the acquisition of the American Block & Manufacturing Co. and the General Melleable Co. by Warrent Tool & Forge, retaining the Warren Tool & Forge name.  Please see our article on Iron City Tool Works in the Vise section for more history on the Konold family.

On 12/24/1921, the company increased it's capital stock from $100,000 to $1,550,000.  Just four days later on 12/28/1921, they again increased their capital stock to $1,800,000.  On 3/4/1924, George F. Konold passes away at 59.  On 10/28/1926, Mr. J. D. Robertson passes away.  On 5/24/1938, newspapers report the passing of C. L. Schoonover, President and GM of Warren Tool Corp.

On July 30, 1931, The Salem News reports that the Warren Tool & Forge has been taken over "in trust" by the Union Savings & Trust Company but will continue to operate as Warren Tool & Forge.  The Trusteeship was then transferred to the Midland Bank of Cleveland in August of 1931. 

At some point between August of 1931 and October of 1932, the company changed it's name to the Warren Tool Corporation.

In June of 1953, the President of the company is Thron Pendleton

On 1/2/1962, Warren Tool Corp. acquires the Cincinnati Tool Co.

In 1973, Warren Tool Corp. acuires the Columbian Vise Mfg. Co.

On 4/1/1974, Warren Tool Corp. acquires Ken-Tool from Cooper Industries.

By 1988, the company is known as the Warren Tool Group.

Trade Names, Brands & Trademarks:

  • CUT-DEVIL - Block Text (Chisels) (First Use January, 1924)
  • HACK-DEVIL - Block Text (Adzes) (First Use March, 1922)
  • SLUG DEVIL - Block Text (Mauls) (First Use 8/1923)
  • Warren Axe - (Axes) (First Use 1922)
  • Old Faithful (Axes) (First Use 1922)
  • WARREN-TEED - Block Text (Heavy Hand Tools) (First Use February, 1947)
  • WARREN-TEED (Heavy Hand Tools) (First Use February, 1947)
  • Grain Stain (Most Tools - See link) (First Use 9/18/1952)