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 In 184I, J. J. Walworth and Joseph Nason formed a partnership in New York, under the firm name of Walworth & Nason, for the purpose of "warming and ventilating buildings by means of steam and hot water apparatus." The company was originally engaged in contracting and construction work. It purchased the necessary supplies and installed heating systems in dwelling and business houses. It used hot water as a means of heating until i844 when it commenced to employ steam. The company moved to Boston in 1842 and established a small plant in the heart of the city. Five years later the plant was transferred to Edgeworth but an office was maintained in Boston. The plant was employed to manufacture pipe which was used by the company in its installation work. The manufacturing operations of the company continued to be secondary to its contracting work. In 1852 Joseph Nason withdrew from the partnership, and a new partnership was formed under the name of J. J. Walworth & Company. This partnership was incorporated in 1872 under the name of the Walworth Manufacturing Company. In the late fifties the company commenced the manufacture of pipe fittings and later it undertook the production of valves. These were manufactured only because the company found it difficult to purchase elsewhere the fittings and valves which it needed in its construction work. It is interesting to note that at the present time the company has ceased to do construction work and has also ceased to produce pipe and devotes its entire energy to the production of fittings and valves. As its activities increased, the company found its original plant insufficient and a new plant was established at Cambridgeport about i86o. This plant was continued in operation until 1882, when a factory was constructed in South Boston which continues in operation  and now constitutes one of the two manufacturing plants of the company-the other being at Kewanee, Illinois. The company continued to produce pipe fittings and valves and to carry on its construction work until 1912. The personnel of the company had changed to some extent, but most of the officers and principal executives were persons who had long been in its service. In this year it was decided that a reorganization of the company was desirable and this was commenced by the selection of Mr. Howard Coonley, of Chicago, Illinois, as president of the company. Mr. Coonley brought about a complete reorganization of the company and commenced a campaign for extending its activities. This resulted in I9I7 in the purchase from the National Tube Company of a factory at Kewanee, Illinois, and the establishment of a Western sales office at Chicago. The Kewanee plant trebled the output of the company and this in turn resulted in a change in the sales methods and policies.

Citation for everything above, authored in 1922 - LINK:

McKinsey, James O. “Organization and Methods of the Walworth Manufacturing Company.” Journal of Political Economy, vol. 30, no. 3, 1922, pp. 420–458. JSTOR, JSTOR, www.jstor.org/stable/1822717.

ToolArchives Notes:

The Walworth story actually begins in Alton, IL, where J. J. Walworth operated a hardware store since at least 1838.  On 9/11/1837, J. J. Walworth (of Alton) married Elizabeth Nason (of Boston).

As per above, in 1941 James J. Walworth and Joseph Nason teamed up to form Walworth & Nason.

The 2nd quarter edition of American Railroad Journal reports the formation of The Boston Iron Tube Company by J. J. Walworth.

According to this Supreme Court document, Walworth & Nason (or possibly Walworth, Nason & Guild) were put into receivership early in 1852.

We have found no evidence of J. J. Walworth & Co., except the earlier company in Alton, IL., in any newspapers.  Periodicals of the day do list the company as a steam & gas pipe manufacturer.

A History of American Manufacturers 1608 - 1868 notes that J. J. Walworth & Co. is a partnership between J. J. Walworth, C. C. Walworth and Marshall S. Scudder.

J. J. Walworth & Co. also opened an office in Chicago in 1852.

2/8/1867 - Notice is given of dissolution / reconstitution of Walworth, Buschick & Co.

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