Sturtevant, P. A. Co.


Paul Sturtevant applied for his first torque wrench related patent in November of 1938.  The website for Sturtevant Richmont (current company) states he started the P. A. Sturtevant Co. in 1940.  We have yet to discover a notice of formation.

The assignments page for the Sturtevant trademark is interesting because it lists the following "assignees:" P. A. Sturtevant Co., Airetool Mfg. Company, SK Wayne Corp., Waugh Equipment Co, and the last owner (in 1968) was Dresser Industries.

P A Sturtevant Co. (Addison, IL)

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Contract Production For:

  • Plomb Tool Co.
  • Bonney Forge & Tool
  • Owatonna Tool Co.
  • Herbrand Tools

Paul A. Sturtevant Patents