Storms Drop Forging Co.


Storms Drop Forging Co. - In 1920, Frank F. Storms (of Page-Storms) starts the Storms Drop Forge Co. as President & Mngr, and Charles H. Leonard as Treasurer, as reported by the New England Business Directory.  Note that the November 23, 1923 edition of Iron Age reports Frank O. Wells as Treasurer.  There is also a J. H. Jones mentioned in other articles.  Frank Storms brother Albert was also a part owner.

Here is an exceptional article detailing the layout of the plant, capitalization, officers etc. from the April 15, 1920 edition of The Iron Age.  When clicking the link, scroll up for the article beginning.  Officers include:

  • Frank F. Storms - President & GM
  • Charles H. Leonard - Treasurer (former treasurer of Page-Storms)
  • Albert J. Storms - Superintendent
  • Frank S. Titchener - Board Member (of Union Forge Company, Union, NY)
    • 1909 - President of Union Forging Co. (Est. 1883 / Incorp'd 1899)
  • George A. MacDonald - Board Member (President - Chicopee National Bank)
  • Capt. Ralph E. Whittle - Board Member
    • 1926 - Secretary
    • 1928 - Purchasing Agent
  • John Porter - Board Member
  • F. O. Wells
    • 1926 - Treasurer

From "IW: The Management Magazine" in 1924, it appears Frank F. Storms was involved in the formation of the The Shur-Lift Auto Jack Company, along with Alvin L. Johnson and Ralph E. Whittle.  Raoul Carpentier and Percy B. Cowell were also involved in the venture.  The company is still listed in the Mass. Business Directory in 1926 but no further reference can be found past that time.