Standard Wrench & Tool Co.


Standard Wrench & Tool Co. (Providence, RI) - Announcements/advertisements begin ca. 1911, Bankrupt ca. November, 1913. 

Standard Wrench & Tool is most notably known for it's "Fitzall" wrench.  An article from The Automobile Trade Directory from July of 1911 explains the design and pictures an example.

Research continues on the origin and history of this company however they appear to have operated from around 1911 to 1918.  We have however discovered a newspaper announcement from 11/28/1913 in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette announcing an auction of the entire factory and contents of the Standard Wrench & Tool company.

J. R. Long Patent #890,146 - Wrench

J. R. Long Patent #955,974 - Wrench

Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

  • Fit-Z-all (Adjustable)
  • Fitzall (Wrenches)