Standard Nipple & Tool Co.


Standard Nipple & Tool Co. (West Newton, PA) - The Standard Nipple Manufacturing Co. was chartered 9/7/1905 in Pittsburg.  Incorporators were F. M. Mechling, G. C. Blackmore, A. C. Spindler, C. H. Hook, C. A. Cooper, W. E. Crow and F. H. Knapp.  In approximately June/July of 1909, the company reorganized as The Standard Nipple & Tool Company and moved to the old factory of the Standard Stove & Range Co. in West Newton.  This 1909 article from American Industries notes the continued manufacture of the Duplex chain pipe wrench, a pipe vise and "new patent wrenches."

The 11/24/1906 edition of The Metal Worker, Plumber and Steam Fitter announces that the company has acquired the patents and machinery to manufacture the Duplex chain pipe tong.

A newspaper article from Indiana, PA in 1909 indicates that the factory move to West Newton is the result of their factory being condemned due to repositioning of the lines of the Pennsylvania Railroad.  This article additionally notes that the owners purchased their patent rights "3 years ago from Baltimore parties."  This article from a 1906 edition of The Plumbers Trade Journal notes that the Duplex wrench has been manufactured for the last 2 years by the Duplex Wrench Company of Butler, PA.  We have not been able to locate these patents.

Duplex Wrench advertisement from 1908.

Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

  • Duplex (Chain Pipe Wrenches)