Armstrong Manufacturing Co.



Bridgeport, Connecticut.  Listed in the 1922 Engineering  Directory  under Vises - Combination Bench & Pipe, Vises - Pipe, Yoke, Hinged and Solid (Chain Vises).

This article from The History of the Old Town of Stratford and the City of Bridgeport, CT., published in 1886, writes the company is located on Knowlton St. in East Bridgeport and were incorporated in March of 1886.  F. (Frank) Armstrong is listed as President; John Ewing Sec./Treas. 

Here are Frank Armstrong's Patents on DATAMP.

Here is a Google Patent Search for Frank Armstrong's Patents (some results may not apply but I sorted it such that the first 1-5 pages should be correct. Ensure the patent says he is from Bridgeport, CT.  If not, it's the incorrect Frank Armstrong)

Prior to that time, the company operated as F. Armstrong which had operated at the same location for approximately 3 years.  Prior to that, it had been in operation as Armstrong and House for 13 years.  "House" refers to Mr. H. A. House.  This information tells us the company was in existence since at least 1870.

Here is a link to H. A. House Patents.

In 1873, Armstrong & House is listing as selling Knitting Machines. 

There is a very interesting article in the 9/22/1963 edition of the Hartford Courant (may require subscription to in which 20 bicycles and an old car from the early 1880's were discovered in the back of the Capewell Manufacturing Co.  The items discovered were purportedly all produced by the Armstrong Mfg. Co.  The article also notes that Capewell acquired Armstrong in 1950.

Trade Names, Brands & Trademarks


  • Vistand - Block Letters (Mechanics' Work Stands & Benches, including for Vises) (First Use 7/6/1936)
  • ARMSTRONG - Block Letters (Pipe Vises, Stocks & Dies for Pipe Threading) (First Use 1/1/1875 by this company and that of its predecessor, Frank Armstrong)
  • "KALORIZED" - Block Text (Solid and Segmented Dies for Threading) (First Use June, 1929)