Ross Gear & Tool Co. // Headson Tool & Mfg. Co.


Ross Gear & Tool Co. (Lafayette, IN) - According to this Ross family history, Will (Pres.), Linn (Sec./Treas.) and Dave (GM) Ross and Jack Kneale bought out Mr. Headson and his patents to form the company in 1906.  Headson appears to have been incorporated in 1903 and settled in Lafayette to begin producing tools in the old Douglas Pump Works building at 9th & Main sts. in 1904.  Please click the link to the Ross Family History to read more details.

Frank A. Headson Patent #765,007 - Pipe Wrench

Frank A. Headson Patent #819,428 - Pipe Wrench

Ross Gear & Tool Co. Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

  • Headson (Pipe Wrenches)