Pollock Automatic Wrench Co.


Pollock Automatic Wrench Company (Des Moines, IA / Galesburg, IL) - The 11/3/1904 edition of the Des Moines Register reports that The Hendrickson Corper Investment Company has sold it's interest in the Pollock Automatic wrench, and Mr. Pollock has amended articles of incorporation for the Pollock Automatic Wrench Company.  It further notes that Mr. Pollock is deciding whether to manufacture his "patent monkey wrench" in Des Moines or Galesburg.  We put the quote around his product because we have been unable to locate a patent, neither assigned to nor invented by Charles Pollock, prior to 1908.  Examples of Pollock's wrench, based on his 1908 Canadian Patent #114,361.  DATAMP reports this wrench was produced by both Pollock's company and the Wisconsin Stamped Steel Co. of Madison.  It does appear he may have had a British Patent #190,608,851 in 1906 for "Improvements in or relating to Adjustable Wrenches and the like."