Park Metalware Co.


Park Metalware Company (Orchard Park, NY) - 

​The first mention of Park Metalware comes from the Buffalo Courier on 3/11/1914.  The ad notes they are located at 606 White Building, and are in the business of buying patents, and the manufacturing and marketing of specialties.  An article in the Buffalo Courier from 1925 notes the President as Howard Langworthy.  Another article from 1925 notes H. B. Langworthy - President, F. B. Farrington - VP, Edward A. Marquart - Treasurer, John Petre - Sec..  It also notes that these officers, together with John Bachman and John Zilliox, make up the Board of Directors.

Wikipedia notes the founding in 1921 by F. Birney Farrington.

The "Progress-is-Fine" blog site notes a founding date of 1921, and changing their name to Xcelite in 1952.

Mr. John Zilliox was the primary designer for Park wrenches during the 1920s.  Here is a link to his patents on DATAMP.

Here is a link to all DATAMP patents assigned to Park.

Here is a link to an early Bicycle Wrench by Park.

Brands, Trade Names & Trademarks

  • XceLite - (Screwdrivers, Socket & other Open End Wrenches, and Pliers) (First Use 7/1/1927)
  • XceLite - (Tool Kits with Screwdrivers, Wrenches and other Sockets and Spanners) (First Use 7/1/1929)