Agner, Raymond C. Co.


Incorporated October of 1912 to manufacture the inventions of R. C. Agner, such as the Simplex adjustable spark plug wrench and Simplex grease / oil gun.  Officers at founding are Edward Brook - Pres., Hugh Agner - Sec., George Weiir - Treas., and R. C. Agner - GM.  We did not find a patent for the wrench between 1910 and 1914.  The grease / oil gun was patented in 1909 and plans to build a factory were announced at that time.  Articles of dissolusion were filed 9/18/1920, likely changed their name to the Agner Simplex Company. 

1913 article explaining the Simplex Wrench.

Agner grease cup ca. 1913.

  • Simplex (Adjustable Spark Plug Wrench)
  • Agner (Wrenches)

Raymond Agner Patents