Maher, James and M. M. Chain Tongue and Wrench Co.


James and M. M. Maher Chain Tongue and Wrench Company (Liverpool, OH) - Incorporated 11/5/1913 by James Maher.  On 4/6/1912 local newspaper reporting indicates the Maher brothers entered into an agreement to have their wrenches produced by W. A. and C. A. Smith of East Liverpool, OH in exchange for partial patent rights.  According to the article, the wrenches were produced but patent rights never signed over and therefore, the Smiths sued.  No resolution of the lawsuit was found.

James Maher Pipe, Tongs and Wrench Company (Delaware, OH) - The July, 1918 edition of Mill Supplies announces the incorporation of the company in Wheeling, WV.  Incorporators are listed as M. E. McComb, S. M. Noyes, and L. B. Sorge. 

A notice in Machinery of December, 1920 announces the incorporation in Delaware, OH.  Officers are James Maher - Pres., M. G. Williamson - Treas./Sec., and G. A. Yocke - GM.

James Maher Patent #1,016,079 - Pipe-Wrench (Chain)

James and M. M. Maher Patent #1,057,250 - Wrench